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Connecting the Lab and the Clinic Interview with Dr. Jennifer Elisseeff

On the challenges and opportunities of translational research.

By Methuselah Foundation

August 21, 2014

generating organs-cover

Regenerating Organs for Transplant Interview with David Green

The CEO of Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology talks bioreactors, organ scaffolds, and the challenges of clinical-stage biotech.

By Methuselah Foundation

June 27, 2014

taking risks-cover

On Taking Risks and Thinking Big Interview with Dr. Robert Langer

One of tissue engineering’s founding pioneers sums up the current state of the field.

By Methuselah Foundation

June 21, 2014

promise and challenges-cover

The Promise and Challenge of Stem Cells Interview with Brock Reeve: Part 2

Reflections on current issues in stem cell science, biology’s evolution into an information science, and the prospects for accelerating research through “pre-competitive spaces.”

By Methuselah Foundation

June 12, 2014

collaborative science-cover

Collaborative Science at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute Interview with Brock Reeve: Part 1

How some of the most prominent medical institutions in Boston are replacing competition with partnership.

By Methuselah Foundation

June 9, 2014

livers and lymph nodes-cover

On Livers and Lymph Nodes Interview with Dr. Eric Lagasse

The Director of the McGowan Institute’s Cancer Stem Cell Center explores new modes of liver regeneration.

By Methuselah Foundation

May 23, 2014

transforming treatment_cover

Transforming the Treatment of End-Stage Organ Failure Interview with Dr. Takanori Takebe

The author of 2013’s widely celebrated “liver bud” study updates us on his research and describes the state of regenerative medicine in Japan.

By Methuselah Foundation

May 9, 2014

potential of regenerative medicine_cover

The Great Potential of Regenerative Medicine Interview with Dr. Alan Russell

A discussion of current barriers to progress, challenges to fostering collaboration, and the need for standardization in regenerative medicine.

By Methuselah Foundation

May 1, 2014


Welcome to our new blog!

News and updates from Methuselah since launching the New Organ Liver Prize in December, 2013.

By Methuselah Foundation

April 22, 2014