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December 29, 2009

This May Be My Favorite

When MR and I were getting on the plane in Calgary, they told us we wouldn't be allowed to take our carry-on bags, just a purse or laptop case. I carefully removed my turkey lunch and spiced nuts (Thank you MoMR!) and MoMR found me a plastic bag to keep them in... after she spilled coffee all over her son while hugging him goodbye... then I checked my bag. The only other thing I saved to keep with me was my stash of Feinman et al. papers. "If they will only let me hold onto one," I thought to myself, "It would be Volek and Feinman, the one where they put the entire contents of the paper into the title." That's my favorite. I thought briefly about trying to hide it by putting it under my sweater, but then realized that they're patting everyone down, so they'd find it, and it would look a whole lot more suspicious if I were trying to hide it under my sweater than if I just carried it in my hands. "Don't let the low carb paper into the country!" It's a dangerous world we live in. Some people might stop eating "whole grains."

I made it through the day with all my papers, my turkey, my spiced nuts, and two new "Twilight" books in tact. Good thing, cause my attempt to yoga breathe and practice non-attachment was definitely not working when I thought I was going to be separated from my papers. "You can print out new copies, baby," said the ever-rational MR. Then he proceeded to steal the Feinman and Fine one about cancer treatment with low carb diets. I noted that we were very cute, sitting together reading our scientific papers. He's got a new Spindler that I'm planning to grab when he's not looking. It's only fair.

Anyhow, we're back, and I just found a Feinman article that I think is my favorite so far. I love to watch people calmly and politely slice apart the opposition, leaving them bleeding on the floor, all the while coming off as witty and dignified.

As all the List-girls will observe, I am nothing if not consistent.

Posted by april at December 29, 2009 7:13 AM


I LOVE this comment:
""Don't let the low carb paper into the country!" It's a dangerous world we live in. Some people might stop eating "whole grains.""

Oh the horror, the horror. :-)

And thanks for the link to your favorite article. My brain isn't nearly full enough yet! More! More!

Posted by: Sie at December 29, 2009 1:23 PM

This is my favorite blog entry thus far. Plus, GREAT article! Have printed and will be gleefully rumpling the edges in no time! April, I wish we had had more time to chat at the Conference. Would you email me so I have your address?

Posted by: Paige at December 30, 2009 3:22 AM

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