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August 26, 2010

Low Fat Diet Causes Sugar Cravings!

Stop the presses! Dog bites man! Newark fails to experience revival!

And other things that should be labeled, "Why do we continue to express surprise?"

Today I left my 7 am yoga class expecting to feast on my traditional post-yoga breakfast (you can not eat before Iyengar class oh no you can not) which is 2 pieces of Weight Watcher string cheese, 30 grams of almonds, and 15 grams of pumpkin seeds, all packed by the loving hand of MR into a cute little Hello Kitty cooler that my mom gave me.

I thought I had extra nuts-n-seeds bags in my backpack.

I was wrong.

So I ate my string cheese and went to work, and proceeded to have a very busy day, filled with filing labor charges, a visit to the eye doctor because my eye problem is not quite resolved though improved (I will spare you the tale of my misadventure with antibiotics, which reminded me of why I very rarely take antibiotics and only in the most dire of circumstances) and working out the logistics of an upcoming conference on workplace violence against nurses. I had a quick lunch of 1 cup of my new lima bean and tomato stew plus 1 cup of cottage cheese with flax oil. Then later on in the day I had a grapefruit and two small green apples because sure enough I was hungry for something sweet.

Fast forward to the end of the night. I realize that I have had way too little fat. My day is overall very low calorie (was under 1200) but way, way too low fat.

Fast forward to after my brief evening walk (I try to get in a walk every night before it gets too dark if I'm not out for work, something I really enjoy in summer) and sure enough, after walking hills in my hilly old mill town where the houses get fancier the further up the hill you get (we are one block past the flood plane of the river, which tells you that our house is definitely not fancy, though it is rather huge especially for what we paid for it, as I like to remind my New York friends who couldn't buy a storage cubicle for what I got my three story house for so HA!) with glycogen somewhat depleted, and BANG!

Massive sugar craving.

Now of course I can't eat sugar (gives me anxiety) so I had something I've had an awful lot of these days: a banana. A true Freudian would have a field day with the fact that I've loved bananas as of late, especially whole not very ripe ones but also all flavors of things banana, including yogurt. One of my favorite things is a banana dipped in vanilla yogurt, or even better, strawberry banana! Super banana! Go ahead, think whatever it is that you think. Bananas are relatively high carb but since I am neither overweight nor diabetic nor having trouble controlling my calories, that is not a worry for me.

Now the banana was lovely and my calories are still well under 1400 for the day, which is quite fine and will guarantee the consistent slow weight loss I've had the last few months, dripping back down to my CR ideal weight whatever that may be (calculations based on my old CR fighting weight of 102 - 104 confounded by the fact that back then I had no muscle and exercised none, whereas now I have rock solid yoga and Pilates muscle and exercise at least daily.) But I hate having sugar cravings. And there is no question why I had the craving because it never fails: not enough fat = a sugar craving that is darn near impossible to ignore.

So one banana and one South Beach Diet bar later I say to you: eat your fat, even if you are recovering fat phobic nineties girls like myself. You may think you're "saving calories" by avoiding all the calories in fat, but those calories will get you in the end.

MR is making me new bags of nuts-n-seeds now. What a wholesome little pair we make.

While we're taking sugar cravings, my dear friend Allswellinhell sent me this story about a woman whose cupcake truck was confiscated in Philly. Of course this from a city that arrested over 100 people just for making puppets in 2000... but anyhow.

Needless to say, I have no interest in conventional cupcakes, as that amount of sugar would give me an anxiety attack the size of Love Park. But... she says that she will do special orders, and that no request is too outlandish. So... the following email exchange ensued:


I know you're swamped right now so no hurry on this, but can you make sugar free cupcakes?

Thank you!

April Smith

and the prompt response!

We do not make sugar free cupcakes at this time. We hope to in the future thought.

Thanks for your interest.

Oh well. Maybe we can generate enough of a market for sugar free low carb cupcakes here in Philadelphia so as to make it a good investment?

Posted by april at August 26, 2010 6:59 PM


I wonder if you could take the low-carb pancake recipe and make a cupcake out of it. Yes it involves eggs and whey protein, but I suspect any commercial low-carb cupcake would as well:


Posted by: RG at August 27, 2010 4:04 PM

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