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Mprize Lifespan Achievement Award

The famed Friars Club in Manhattan was the setting for the presentation of the first annual Mprize Lifespan Achievement Award. Supporters, staff and researchers who work with Methuselah Foundation gathered for the award ceremony on October 8. The emcee for the evening was the noted medical journalist, Dr. Max Gomez. Presentations were made by Dave Gobel, Methuselah founder; Roger Holzberg, My Bridge 4 Life; Keith Murphy, Organovo and Kevin Perrott, Mprize.
The Mprize Lifespan Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Dave Z. Sharp, University of Texas San Antonio. Dave was the inspiration behind an extremely well documented study in three labs that concluded that the drug rapamycin (August newsletter) extended the healthy life in mice. Huber Warner, Methuselah Foundation Scientific Advisory Board Member and founder of the Interventions Testing Program (ITP) that performed the research, presented the award. ITP is a program of the National Institute on Aging.
After the award was presented, the cork was popped on a Methuselah of champagne (6 liters or the equivalent of 8 bottles). Guests mingled and made plans for the formation of a New York Chapter of Methuselah Foundation.

Featured Testimonial
“Learning about My Bridge 4 Life was truly an "aha" moment. Having an online wellness network that allows access to information, creation of one's own support team from all different areas of the globe, and building a wellness plan during a major health crisis is a brilliant concept. Roger Holzberg has developed this idea through his own experience with cancer, and the Methuselah Foundation is helping to share and expand his vision with everyone facing life-threatening challenges. ”
Kate Esposito RN, New Jersey

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Methuselah Profile:
Scientific Advisory Board Member
Huber Warner

Dr. Warner founded the Interventions Testing Program while he worked at National Institute on Aging. Now he is back at the University of Minnesota where he is Associate Dean for Research in the College of Biological Sciences. Huber joined us in New York for the presentation of the Mprize Lifespan Achievement Award.

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